Buff Rick Prison Torture

Parody: rick and morty
I watched the new Rick and Morty episode "Rickdependence Spray" by using an illegal site because I was too lazy to set up my tv and I don't know if the buffering affected my viewing experience but boy was the episode god awful and currently a lot of people share the same sentiment that it was maybe one of the worst episodes of the entire series yes even worse than the slut dragon one. It felt preachy, wasn't interesting, wasn't funny I feel as if I didn't laugh or smile once while the other episodes usually have me rolling. The constant ahem SPERM JOKES didn't help. Rick was underpowered as shit they nerfed him so hard. He doesn't feel like an alcoholic dimension-hopping planet fucking god anymore but instead, he feels like a retarded sex-addicted old man about to break a hip. And even if for some reason in the future they explain why they had to nerf him this bad I feel like somebody on the writing team forgot that he has a portal gun that can transport him anywhere at any time just so they could build a sense of fake tension which just comes off as forgetful and lame. But what really got to me was when I noticed the episode was doing that stupid overdone trope where all the men just suddenly become idiots out of nowhere and start dicking on women for no reason only for the women to show them up with a spontaneous burst of what I can only describe as "girl power". I'm not lying when I say I couldn't wait to click off. Wubba lubba dub dub was my mental state watching that horse shit speaking of horse shit there are random horse people just thrown in no explanation they're just there. I just wanted to use this site as an outlet to vent about this absolute stupidity. I'm hoping the next episode will be better but for now, here's garbage.

Posted by a Plum.

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Comments (8)
  1. Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear
    Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear 12 июля 2021 15:41 Reply

    The man has soo many questions...

  2. Tim876
    Tim876 12 июля 2021 18:06 Reply

    What the fuck?! 

  3. Jhin The Virtuoso
    Jhin The Virtuoso 12 июля 2021 19:15 Reply

    Eugh. How hideous. 

    But. The plum has wise words.

  4. John-117
    John-117 12 июля 2021 19:53 Reply

    Well spoken friend 

  5. TwistedFate
    TwistedFate 13 июля 2021 02:44 Reply

    Plum's great story made the pain a little better

  6. DigitalArt56
    DigitalArt56 14 июля 2021 06:27 Reply

    I...I don't know what to say to this

  7. Thedeadgamer666
    Thedeadgamer666 16 июля 2021 01:28 Reply

    rick watched jojo...

  8. the nut lord
    the nut lord 16 августа 2021 01:17 Reply

    plum i wish u hadn’t posted this.

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